Wayfinding and Digital Directory

London Luton Airport (LLA)

Digital Signage Awards Finalist 2021 Logo

A best-in-class wayfinding and digital directory solution to help travellers navigate the airport and locate shops, restaurants and services available when flying from one of the UK’s largest airports, London Luton Airport (LLA). 

Housed in three highly visible, touch-activated kiosks, the wayfinding solution is designed to be fully accessible and inclusive, catering for all types of customers by identifying the quickest route to their destination, showing accessibility options available at each step of their journey and height adjustable content for wheelchair users. 

Passengers can scan their boarding passes using the high-resolution scanner, to display the latest information on their flight – departure time, gate number, route to gate and time to get to the gate.

The display area is height adjustable so the user can move it to a convenient position.

The kiosks incorporate 55” LG touch display with software to provide usage similar to mobile and tablets which is so familiar to most of us.  The content management system is cloud-based to provide additional security, defined by best practice which is operated throughout the airport.

In addition to airport and flight information, retailers, restaurants and other services available are found in a simple directory which highlights their position in the airport and the best route to get there.  They are used as a unique platform to advise the latest offers, driving footfall and improving per passenger spend.

User experience has been carefully considered with future development in mind.  The use of an intercom, speakers and camera are in development, facilitating remote video assistance to help and increased language options. A mobile hand off capability will allow customers to take the directions with them on their mobile device without needing to download an app, putting decision making back in the hands of the customer.

SPC Group have commissioned further research into the User Experience to provide insight into current usage and what other benefits which might be added.