With regards to display technology there has never been a time when such an array of products are available to choose from. It is very important that the right type of technology is used and we always work closely with our customers to ensure that the project requirements are fully understood, enabling us to propose the correct solution.

The market for Projection is still very big but this has moved to the large specialist type involving image mapping projection where the only limitations seem to be one’s imagination. There are many factors to consider when evaluating any projection solutions including size of required image, distance between projection surface and projection device, lighting conditions and time of day to be used, the type of surface that is to be projected onto, etc. There are also a number of factors concerning the projection device itself, such as brightness, contrast ratio, lens options, light source options, image resolution, multi-image playback and so on. Many of the factors have to be determined by budget. However, the long term financial benefits that are achieved with some technologies such as laser projectors often outweigh any upfront cost differential.

Flight and passenger information screens and ultrawide displays with digital signage
Digital signage content on multiple displays

The flat panel display market has grown massively over the past decade as the cost for screens has significantly reduced with the size and quality raising significantly. The main options here are LCD, LED or OLED (or derivatives of these). The LCD have been most common as they were the first to market after the old Plasma screen technology and CRT screens. However, the LED screens – which are essentially back lit LCDs – offer sharper images, lower running costs and often higher contrast ratios. The new OLED has an organic semiconductor which means a backlight is not required. The contrast is further increased with very impressive depth of colour and lower running costs. Without the need for backlighting the screens are becoming flexible with LG Electronics already showing flexible and rollable screen technology.

The other LED technology for screens is the very large displays that are used for advertising, large stadia screens, concerts and large retail screens. There is a wealth of companies now manufacturing LED panels and the choice should be a carefully considered one. We have installed many LED screens into public areas in Airports and these need to be, and are, very reliable and giving a consistently good image.

An area often overlooked in the display market is the need for high quality cabling. Many a project is spoilt by not installing the correct cables. As ever – consult a specialist, like us, to help guide and inform you on the correct solution.

Interactive touch display at Moulsford School
Young men wearing a face mask while interacting with the wayfinding totem at London Luton Airport
Holographic displays

Interactive screens now play a major part in Education and are also often found in corporate meeting rooms. There are several manufacturers, most with their own software solutions. Demonstrations should be taken up when deciding on the first screen as the software offered varies and favours different markets areas.

Digital Signage now dominates areas such as transportation, retail and advertising. This is merely the use of digital display technologies to show content such as web-pages, images, travel information, advertising, menus, public data, etc. etc. As a company we are very involved with the supply and installation of Digital Signage solutions and have a wealth of experience to draw from to find the right solution for all needs.

Audio requirements are rarely properly addressed and this again is an area where much consideration is required. Whether in a meeting room, Church Hall, Conference Huddle area or large stadium the options are huge and advice should always be sought.

SPC Group have spent many years promoting, recommending and installing many types of audio visual solutions from single user 10” displays to 6m wide LED screens, Digital help points for persons requiring assistance, catwalks and sound systems that have been used by Jamie Cullum and Gok Wan and IP Rated screens for outdoor use in all weathers. Part of our offering is the experience and knowledge that we can bring to a project.