Embrace the latest technology for maximum engagement in the classroom and on-campus.

The digital age has been enthusiastically embraced by the education sector over the last two decades. Interactive technology in the classroom is widespread as it engages pupils, allowing them to collaborate with each other, making learning fun. As the use of digital technology is ubiquitous in the workplace students are also equipping themselves with 21st century skills fit for their working lives.

SPC Group supplies, installs and supports interactive whiteboards and screens, keeping up-to-date with technical training and trends for all leading brands.

SMART interactive panel with LG soundbar - in bigger classrooms the audio quality may need a boost, this is easily achieved with a decent soundbar.

ActivPanel installation onto a mobile stand - includes an unseen Balancebox mount which provides easy, manual height adjustment - so everyone can reach the top of the board and the the display can fit through the doorways!

For more information on the interactive marketplace plus great accessories for lessons with collaboration at the heart, call SPC Group on 01491 651392 or email sales@spcgroup.co.uk

Digital Signage is increasingly popular in the education sector as a simple and quick way to update on campus information for students, teachers and parents. SPC Group will advise the best products for your requirements and train you to get the best from the system so that latest news and information is scheduled to the right display at the right time, every time. We can either add to an existing network or start afresh to design and build a cost-effective, easy to use digital signage system for you school or college.

SignageLive examples of usage of Digital Signage usage on campus: Wayfinding and Emergency Message

An outside display added to an existing system.The display is protected from the weather by an Armaguard enclosure. It is accessed remotely by a SignageLive digital signage player which can be used through the system or via bluetooth when directly in front of the screen - so emergency notices can be displayed immediately.

For very large areas projection can provide a cost-effective solution.

Typically used in sports halls and lecture halls the large screen sizes ensure even those at the very back of the room get a good view. Combined with an audio system this can provide a simple solution for assemblies, drama classes, lectures, open days and other large events.

SPC Group can design a complete audio visual system to suit your needs, always working to your budgets and timescales. Our experience ranges from a small portable projection solutions through to double stacked projection systems giving 320 sq ft images at concert venues.

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