From simple huddle areas to fully-equipped boardrooms, we all understand the value of meetings with colleagues, suppliers and customers. The ability to connect with a remote site, both aurally and visually, is just the start; more complex requirements include connecting to multiple sites, to mobile clients, data sharing and collaboration, real time messaging, unified communications.

  • Consultation – share our knowledge of solutions we have provided in similar environments when working with large corporations, SME’s and micro businesses, enabling their connections with colleagues, suppliers and customers.
  • Save money by upgrading your old system. We’ll design your av system to include existing equipment if feasible.
  • Project management – stand-alone projects or working under the main contractor, we have a 100% record of delivering on-schedule and on budget.
  • Support package tailored to your own requirements, can include telephone support, on-site assistance, system and equipment audit, extended warranty.

There are options on how to operate video conferencing. The latest cloud-based services offer considerable benefits to smaller companies and those just starting to get into video as they have a lower up-front cost, offer scalability and do not require much in-house technical support. Operating video conferencing over your network requires greater initial outlay and competent in-house technical support. It provides greater control and security but less flexibility than cloud-based options.

Adding a control system is a popular choice as these allow the operation of all technical devices in the room through one user interface. These save time and inconvenience, just one system to learn rather than many, they can be Wifi, Bluetooth, wireless or wired.

We are here to help de-mystify the high tech talk and buzz words surround meeting room technology so that you understand what’s available and can decide what you really need. If possible, we will arrange product demonstrations at your site.

SPC Group provide training for users of the system as part of our handover on project completion.

There's more information about conferencing products on our Technology page.